Thursday, December 31, 2009

the sincerest form of flattery

I will have to begin with a disclaimer; I stole this idea from Kelly and her Project 365. I'll add my expectations; that this blog will be of no particular interest to anyone but me. You see, I'm not the photographer Kelly is nor do I harbor any delusion that I'll suddenly discover my inner Annie Leibovitz. This is just an experiment. Oh, I guess I should explain...
This is my attempt to copy the concept of a photograph a day for one year. Why? To see if I can do it. To force myself to take those pictures I always regret missing. To stretch myself and learn how to use my new camera and maybe even the video camera I got last year; including not only taking the pictures but getting them onto my computer. Perhaps I'll achieve all of these goals or perhaps I'll wake up in the middle of the night sometime in March and remember that I have this photography blog.
A few days ago I was taking pictures at Daband's Christmas party and suddenly realized, "Hmm. I like this." What I liked was standing apart and yet fully participating. I'm not good in a crowd you see; not all that great one to one should the truth be told. And it should. Before that moment on Tuesday evening, I was self-conscious when taking pictures. So imagine my pleasure at discovering that holding the camera does not make you more conspicuous. In fact, people sort of lose sight of you, leave you to your job of recording the event. Quite the lovely discovery.
Should you choose to visit, you'll not find my usual plethora of words. A relief for some of you I'm sure.
A picture a day.
The moments that might be lost among the rest if not held tight. Enough of those and and a miracle